Architectural concept

The architectural solutions for the Kesk-Peetri living environment were created in association with architect Tõnis Savi, while advice on interior architecture and design was shared by Reet Helisabeth Karm.

The Kesk-Peetri residential quarter features six stylish three-storey apartment buildings. Ranging in size from two to four rooms, the apartments boast carefully considered planning based on the current and future expectations of home-buyers that makes use of its space in the smartest way possible. Adding to the sense of spaciousness are the terraces (1st-floor apartments) and balconies (2nd- and 3rd-floor apartments). The apartments feature large windows and are very light and airy.

The space between the buildings will have a safe, car-free recreation area with a children’s playground and a fitness zone for adults.

The energy class of the Kesk-Peetri buildings is ‘B’.

Building structures

The load-bearing structures of the building will rest on reinforced concrete strip foundations. The external walls comprise insulated concrete stone, while the facades will be covered with eye-catching dark grey cement fibre tiles distributed at random.

The ceilings will be made from hollow reinforced concrete panels coated in mineral wool for sound dampening and with a concrete equalisation layer. The building will have a flat roof featuring roll roofing material.

The walls between the apartments and between the apartments and the stairwell will be concrete stone. The internal walls of apartments will be plasterboard on a metal framework. Paint will be used to finish dry rooms, while wet rooms will be finished with ceramic tiles.

Windows and doors

The Kesk-Peetri apartment buildings will have triple-glazed windows with selective glass in plastic frames. The external doors of the apartments will be wooden. The internal doors will be painted doors on large laminated timber frames.


Ensuring healthy air exchange in the apartments will be an apartment-based heat-recovery forced ventilation system. A mechanical intake and extraction system has been designed for each apartment. A separate ventilation outlet has been planned for the exhaust hoods in kitchens, channelling the air to the roof. This system requires a motorised exhaust hood, which must be purchased and installed by the future owner of the apartment.

Interior climate

The Kesk-Peetri apartment buildings will have an air-water thermal pump-based heating system. The apartments will boast convenient, energy-saving underfloor water heating that can be adjusted in each room. Heating pipe manifold cabinets will be installed on the floor in the hallway.

Water supply and sewerage

The apartment buildings will be connected to the water supply and sewerage system. Domestic hot water will be produced on site in the building’s own boiler plant on the 1st floor. The apartments’ water meters will be read remotely, with the readings being taken automatically and forwarded to the building management company.

Electricity and weak-current systems

The electricity meters for the apartments will be located in the power room on the 1st floor of the building and read remotely. The power boxes for the apartments will be recessed in the hallway wall. Power outlets, switches and data connection points will be installed in the apartments. Recessed LED lighting will be installed in the sanitary rooms and hallway. The apartment buildings will have a video intercom system.

Car park and storage spaces

There will be storage spaces for selected apartments. These will be located on the 1st floor. The parking spaces designed for residents will be in a sealed car park with grass pavers on the property. A rising barrier will be installed at the entrance to the car park. Street-side parking spaces will also be established for visitors.

The main contractor for the construction work is Riser Ehitus OÜ.

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